What We Do

Synergia Integrated teleBehavioral Health partners with medical groups and patients to engage and treat those with behavioral health needs.  We integrate our services with those of primary care, handle the logistics and communicate reliably so overall patient healthcare is well-coordinated.

Synergia solves problems

with better healthcare


Medical Need

97% of the United States is under-served by local Psychiatrists & Therapists. Synergia brings behavioral health care to where the need exists.


Loss of Time

Many require up to a 4 hour drive to see a clinician.  With Synergia there is no commute.


Addressing Provider Shortages

Synergia eliminates behavioral health workforce shortages for our partner medical groups.  Let us show you how.


Integrated Care

Out of necessity the majority of patients with behavioral health needs are seen only in primary care.  Synergia provides decision support and direct patient care as clinically warranted.


Co-existing Conditions

Many patients with serious chronic illnesses have co-existing behavioral health conditions.  Without effective management these conditions undermine overall medical outcomes.


Longer Times

Long wait times for the first appointment leads to exacerbation of symptoms.  These delays also increase all care costs. With Synergia, the wait is no longer than 7 days.

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